Clothing size guide

We include the bust, sleeve length, and body length measurements in size Medium and XL for each top or dress to give you an idea of how the item is cut. The bust measurement is measured from one inch below the armpit and reflects the full chest circumference of the garment. Pants and skirts include waist and hip measurements where relevant; the hip is measured at the fullest part of the hip.

Each product will generally have fit info included in the bullet points below the product description. Most items fit true to size unless otherwise explicitly stated. Garment sizes as worn by the model are included only as a point of reference; please note that items may be clipped or tucked in when photographed, so it’s best to go with your normal size when in doubt.

For additional measurements or sizing/fit advice on specific items, please feel free to reach out to

Our Size Guides are below. For ease of reference these same charts are accessible on every product page under the size run buttons. These charts can be used as standard sizing reference for all of our items.


Children's Size Guide

Children's sizing generally corresponds to the child's age, with size 2 being suitable for a two year old and so on. We include the chest and length measurements for size 6 of each children's item for reference. The height and chest in the measurements below refer to the size of the child. 



Shoe size guide

The shoe size conversions shown are based on international size measuring conventions and our own shoe fitting experience. Sizing may vary between styles; please always check the product page for fit information and feel free to direct any questions to for personalized fit advice. 


Clothing Care Instructions

Please follow the care instructions as stated on the label. For items marked Dry Clean Only, we encourage you to seek out green dry cleaners who avoid using the toxic chemical perchloroethylene (or “perc”). Two great options to look for that may be offered by your local green dry cleaners are CO2 cleaning and wet cleaning. 
Care instructions come from our manufacturers, and should be followed to keep your items in their best shape. Please note that we’re unable to replace or refund items damaged by improper care, so if you choose to go against the care instructions that is at your own risk.
Whenever possible we work with our manufacturers to produce items that can be washed by hand or machine; stay tuned through 2020 as we expand our selection of hand-washable pieces. 

Shoe Care Instructions


To keep your suede shoes in the best shape, we recommend investing in a suede brush and water/stain protector spray. Once you've received your shoes and tried them on with care to ascertain correct fit, begin by brushing with along the grain of the fabric with your suede brush to ensure the texture looks uniform. Apply a thin layer of the protective spray, and brush again with the suede brush once dry. This will help repel dirt and prevent stains. 

Should your suede become stained, do not attempt to clean with water as this can adversely affect texture and color. Apply your suede cleaner as directed, and if the stains persist, we recommend taking your shoes to a professional cleaner who specializes in leather and suede shoes. We do not recommend wearing suede shoes when it's raining.

When not wearing your suede shoes, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place in the shoe bag you received with your purchase. You may wish to keep the stuffing you originally received and place it in your shoes when storing them to help keep their shape.


Care for your leather shoes with a brush or soft cloth, leather cleaner, and leather conditioner. Dirt and debris from normal wear can simply be brushed off. Stains and scuffs can be addressed with a leather cleaner, or by taking them to a professional for tougher stains. Once you've cleaned your leather shoes, and they're still damp, you may want to condition them for added moisture, waterproofing, and protection.  

Leather shoes can also be polished after cleaning and conditioning to help them last longer. Let them dry in the open air, and store them away from heat and direct sunlight. 

Patent Leather

Leather is coated with varnish to produce the smooth, glossy appearance of patent leather, with the added benefit of creating a durable outer layer for the shoes. You can maintain the gloss of your patent leather shoes by gently removing any surface dirt with a soft cloth. Patent leather can be vulnerable to color transfer, so be sure to store your shoes in their care bags away from any other leather materials, as well as direct light and/or heat.

Metallic Leather

Metallic or "mirror" leather is a delicate type of leather given a laminated finish for a smooth, glossy surface. This type of leather can mark easily, so we recommend wearing with care and avoiding contact with abrasive or sharp surfaces to prevent scratching. Any surface dirt may be gently rubbed away with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use any leather care products on metallic leather. 


Surface dirt on velvet shoes can be removed by rubbing it away with a light touch using a clean, dry, soft cloth. The velvet pile can be refreshed by gently steaming the outer fabrication with a clothing steamer. 

Do not use any leather or other shoe care products on your velvet shoes. We recommend storing your velvet shoes in the provided shoe bags when not in use. 


Mask Care Instructions

Please wash your mask before first wear and after each subsequent use. To keep your mask clean, we echo the CDC’s recommended mask washing instructions: machine wash hot, tumble dry high, or hand wash hot and air dry flat.

Please note that our masks are not FDA-approved or medical grade masks. These masks should not replace any other CDC-recommended measures or medical-grade PPE. Please continue to follow all CDC and public health guidelines in conjunction with the use of masks, and please check with a medical professional if daily use of a mask is right for you if you experience breathing or respiratory difficulties. All masks are final sale.


Anti-Racism Accountability

The Dôen leadership team has humbly embarked on self-education, committing ourselves to the immense learning -- and unlearning -- required of whiteness. We recognize that it is our responsibility to be an actively anti-racist company. We have been using our platform to educate, inform, and provide resources for direct action and engagement in challenging deeply embedded concepts and constructs (please see our saved BLM highlights on Instagram to view our Stories). We are dedicated to the continuation of such work, and to the use of our platform as a vehicle for insight and action. 

The Black community deserves better from us. We have identified areas of short- and long-term accountability, and have committed to the following plans that we wish to share with our community.



Our Vendors and Partners

Since our launch, one of Dôen’s company values has been a commitment to closing the gender gap and advocating for gender equality. We have maintained long-term partnerships with organizations that support the education of young women and girls in the areas where we produce our product (Room to Read), as well as women’s access to respectful healthcare here in the States (Planned Parenthood LA). While our focus has been on gender equality, we now recognize that our approach did not allow for a deeper understanding of intersectionality and the ways in which Black women and girls are under-resourced, underfunded, and underrepresented in this country. 

We will be adding a third long-term partner to specifically support Black women in our community and continue to actively contribute to anti-racist work, and will announce this new partner as soon as details are finalized. We will be reallocating our annual donations so that they will be divided evenly across these three organizations moving forward. 

Following the lead of Aurora James’s 15% Pledge, we in turn pledge to partner with Black-owned businesses for at least 15% of all annual collaborations. Black artists will be regularly featured in our newly launched Artist-in-Residence program at our store location

We are making a new commitment to partner with Black-owned vendors in our store and at our office and Distribution Center. We are reexamining our vendors and partners in order to divest from any corporations that donate to and fund pro-police and pro-prison industrial complex entities. Additionally, we are actively seeking out alternative local vendors and credit unions that are aligned with our company values.



Content and Creative

We are thoroughly examining our processes around the production of our creative content and campaigns, and want to acknowledge not only our past failures to represent diversity and size inclusivity, but also our failure to understand the scale and depth of white supremacy and its perpetuation via photography, location scouting, casting, and content creation. We are sorry for the harm we have caused. We have been complicit in propagating beauty standards heavily rooted in Eurocentric whiteness, and we are committed to change.

We have learned from past failings to acknowledge size inclusivity, as well as errors we have made regarding locations and casting steeped in white privilege. In our 2020 Resolutions, we committed to expanding our knowledge and range of perspectives and to making strides in our practices of inclusivity, diversity, and representation. We will continuously challenge preconceived notions of beauty, womanhood, and representation, and are reconfirming our dedication to the evolution of representation across our channels. 

We will continue to partner with creatives of color in order to celebrate all women-identifying individuals.



Inclusive Hiring and Talent Retention

Dôen is an equal opportunity employer and is dedicated to constantly bettering our inclusion practices and cultivating a diverse community and workplace. We collectively celebrate differences in life experience, perspectives, self-expression, knowledge, and education as qualities that deepen our understanding, challenge the status quo, and make our company stronger. We are working with external HR consultants to help guide our hiring practices to increase diversity and eliminate areas of implicit bias.

Based on voluntary self-reporting from 72% of our management team, our executive and leadership team identifies as:

39% White

22% Latinx

11% Asian

28% declined to self-report


61% woman-identifying 

6% non-binary

33% declined to self-report


This isn’t good enough. We will do better. We have set goals for a more diverse team, as well as the development of a mentorship program and paid internships over the next 18 months. To make the necessary changes, we are actively networking with recruitment programs specifically created to place Black candidates. In 3 months, we will provide more details to our community regarding the programs we’ll be working with. 



Internal Trainings and Guidance

Our leadership team has been in consultation with Dr. Akilah Cadet for the past year in order to develop employee resource groups (our three internal, employee-led committees), and will continue that partnership. With Dr. Cadet’s advisement, we will be offering regular training to our staff as well as opportunities for them to learn. We have compiled a list of educational resources for all employees, and would like to make this available to you here. We are providing our employees with additional tools, including online workshops, for educational and training purposes. 

 Each committee is budgeted for speakers and training, and our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee was thrilled to bring in social justice activist, author, and speaker Sonya Renee Taylor to speak to our staff in March. Our committee co-chairs have been appointed as advocates for staff, creating a safe place for voices to be heard and actions to be taken.



Our Supply Chain

A cornerstone of the Dôen brand mission is supporting women in the workplace and in the supply chain. We remain steadfastly committed to this: It is our guiding principle and North Star. We believe that today’s sustainability conversations, which have been centered around environmental impact, are crucial -- but have obscured the invaluable interconnectedness of environmental, economic, racial, and social justice. We commit the resources of our company to the practice of and the advocacy for ethical fashion, which addresses not only ecological and environmental impact but the interdependence of social justice and financial systems.

As we have navigated the impact of COVID-19 throughout the past few months, we have been dedicated to keeping our team safe and employed. As a clothing company with international vendors, we are inextricably linked to the employment of people around the world, and we have observed with heavy hearts as cancellations of orders from brands have caused humanitarian crises in the countries where they manufacture. We have continued a close dialogue with our overseas and domestic partners to ensure that their teams are paid and able to return to jobs. We have continued to pay our vendors in a timely manner, and refused to engage in leveraging. 



We are working with our external consultant on the implementation and evolution of our commitments, and setting clear timelines and benchmarks for each change. We plan to externally publish reports via email newsletter and on our website every 6 months to hold ourselves accountable to our commitments. We also want to encourage feedback: Please reach out to us at if you should have any questions or ideas that you’d like to share. 

The work of active anti-racism is not finite, and neither is this list: Progress must never stop, but increase in continued forward momentum internally, existentially, and interpersonally -- and we must always support Black lives.

See here for a list of anti-racist resources that we have found helpful.


Our Ethical Production and Sustainability Initiatives

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share with you our commitment to both sustainability and ethical production! Although we are nowhere near perfect, we are constantly working with our suppliers and testing new initiatives. Please read on for more info on where we’re currently focusing our energies in this direction.

Ethical Production and Dôen’s Commitment to Closing the Gender Gap

Dôen sources globally, and manufactures with socially compliant, mostly vertical factories in the United States, Peru, India, Portugal, Brazil, Romania, and Turkey. Our sourcing strategy is based largely on the availability of quality raw materials, responsible factories, and regional techniques. Examples of this sourcing strategy include the import of our handknit alpaca sweaters and pima cotton t-shirts from Peru, and our use of raw silk, intricate handwork, and traditional printing techniques from India. We are committed to long term partnerships with factories that are women-owned and women-run whenever possible. Our factories have been audited for social compliance; in these third party compliance audits, we evaluate gender and social equality indicators including percentage of management roles held by women, ownership structure of factory, presence of an internal worker’s union, and if the factory has established any foundations or organizations to directly benefit their employees or the surrounding community. 

Here are a few of the programs started by our overseas partners that we would like to share:

New Delhi, India: Dôen’s largest supplier in New Delhi, India has started a foundation to fund 100% of the education of the daughters of their employees. Prior to forming the foundation, the owners of the factory identified that due to limited resources for tuition, employees were opting to send their male children to school, while keeping their female children home. Our vendor is deeply committed to removing barriers to empowerment - cultural, economic, societal, and political. They believe that literacy will help to close the gender gap, and promote self-reliance, independence, and leadership skills for girls and women.

Lima, Huancayo, and Cerro de Pascua, Peru: Via programs facilitated by our vendor, we are able to create a substantial handknit product offering each season. This program, designed to connect Peruvian women to an export market, allows women to take knitting into their home and is one of the few available forms of work that allows these women to care for their families while earning a fair income. Many of the knitters are unmarried mothers. Once an order for a new design is passed, all women in the knitting group meet together, often in the church hall or one of the knitter’s homes. The “Jefa de Groupo” (Chief Knitter) teaches the group the new stitches, new pattern, and which knitting needles each knitter will need to use. The knitters then meet twice a week to discuss any issues and check the progress of the knitting. These meetings also give the women a chance to socialize and connect with women in their community. Once knitting on a style is complete, the Chief Knitter coordinates with our vendor partner to arrange trims, finishing, and completion of all export paperwork.

Dôen’s Work Towards Sustainability:

Although the fashion industry as a whole has a long way to go, Dôen has prioritized making small changes in the day-to-day of our supply chain that will make a huge impact in aggregate. We use primarily natural fabrics, and embrace a “fewer, better things” mentality in regards to consumption. By creating quality, timeless pieces, we ensure that they can be worn season after season. We reject the idea that clothing is disposable, and encourage secondhand sales of our clothes via resale and consignment retailers. Our packing is 100% recyclable, and our Eco-shippers include a minimum of 90% post consumer content. Because we believe the customer shouldn’t be responsible for understanding how to correctly recycle items like poly bags, any product requiring a poly bag for transit is removed prior to shipping to the customer and recycled by our team. We are constantly working towards a better solution for poly bags / plastic bags - currently testing biodegradable bags with our largest supplier. We are working to participate in production methods that eliminate waste; we only order enough fabric to fulfill our orders, not excess fabric that conventionally would end up in storage or a landfill. We also work to minimize wastage from the cutting-room floor - our children’s clothing offering started as a way to produce garments from what would have been the wastage fabrics from our women’s collection. Today, our wastage fabrics from the cutting-room floor are repurposed into small fabric bags and sent to our customers with their purchase. Many of our friends and customers have remarked that they repurpose these bags for trips to the farmer’s market and for toy storage. As we expand our children’s offering, we are also expanding our commitment to work with organic fabrics when possible. Many of our children’s knits out of Peru are 100% organic pima cotton.

Dôen’s Partnership with Room To Read:

To extend our commitment to closing the gender gap in the communities where we produce, we have partnered with Room to Read. Each season, we design a group of designated “Room to Read” children’s styles and donate 100% of the profits of those styles to benefit Room to Read’s mission to promote literacy and gender equality. Room to Read works with communities and local governments across Asia and Africa to develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and supports girls to complete secondary school with the life skills they’ll need to succeed in school and beyond. We also welcome our customers to support literacy and gender equality by making a donation at checkout. 

As of September 2019, we have been able to donate $66,850.00 to Room to Read, supporting a total of 219 girls.

Dôen’s Partnership with Planned Parenthood:

As a women owned and operated company, the issue of women’s reproductive rights has always been of particular importance to us. We partnered with Planned Parenthood when we first launched, and have continued to support their efforts towards providing safe and accessible reproductive care for all in the years since. Each holiday season, we gather our friends and family for a fundraiser and donate all proceeds to Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. We are proud to have raised a total of $28,562 for Planned Parenthood since launch, and are committed to continuing our relationship with this life-changing organization!


Social Community Guidelines

We promote, support, and honor a safe and positive space in which our community can engage and come together to connect.

We look to foster a forum for relevant dialogue and encourage constructive conversation and debate.

We do not condone any credible threats, hate speech, or malicious comments that degrade or shame groups or individuals. Content of this nature will be deleted.  

We celebrate our diverse community and will reject hurtful comments towards anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, body, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disabilities, or diseases.

We do not tolerate harassment, cyberbullying, or the spread of misinformation. If we find content to be unproductive or abusive, such content will be removed.

We respect our community and expect the same respect in return. We reserve the right to refrain from discussing proprietary information in regards to the business, and will respect our vendor/supplier confidentiality agreements. 

We expect our followers be a part of the conversation, but not take it over. We aim to cultivate a fair and welcoming environment where all voices have space to be heard. 


When will my order ship?

We try our best to ship all packages within 48 hours of receipt of the order from our Los Angeles warehouse location (excluding weekends and holidays). Please allow up to 10 business days of additional processing time for orders placed with Ground Shipping or International Economy during and after sales, as well as during season launch periods. If you need to receive your order quickly, please select an expedited shipping option when checking out. All orders placed with expedited shipping will be prioritized and sent out same day if the order is received before 12pm PST Monday-Friday.

If you placed your order during a normal volume period (not during a sale or season launch) and it’s been longer than 72 hours and the item you ordered is currently in stock, please check your email inbox to see if we’ve contacted you with any notifications about your order. If you’re unsure if your item is currently in stock, please double check your order confirmation email to confirm whether or not your order contained any items on pre-order. Orders with a pre-order item will have the text “Pre-ordered items: 1” beneath the product size and color in your order confirmation email. From there you can click on the product name to take you to the product page, where you will see the expected ship date beneath the Select Size/Pre-Order button. Please note that expected ship dates are estimated and cannot be guaranteed.


I need to change my order

Please ensure that all order information is accurate at checkout. After you receive your order confirmation, we are only able to cancel your order, remove items from your order, and/or update the domestic shipping address. In order to make any of these changes, please reach out to our Customer Care team at immediately. Once your order has been processed, we are unable to make any changes to your order.



Combining multiple orders

If you've placed more than one order going to the same domestic location within 24 hours, and none of your orders have shipped yet, we may be able to combine your orders to ship together. Please reach out to us at with the order numbers and, if they haven't been sent to our warehouse yet, we will combine them and refund your shipping on the second order. 

Please note that international orders cannot be combined at this time. 


My order arrived incomplete

Please double-check your emailed order confirmation to confirm that all items you ordered were in stock. Items on pre-order will have the text “Pre-ordered items: 1” beneath the product size and color in your order confirmation email. From there you can click on the product name to take you to the product page, where you will see the expected ship date under the Select Size/Pre-Order button. 

If your items were in stock at purchase, please double-check your email to confirm that no one from Dôen has contacted you via email to let you know that an item from your order was unable to be fulfilled. If so, you would have one email from Dôen explaining what happened as well as an email indicating you were refunded for the item we couldn't send. 

If you have confirmed that all of the items in your order were currently in stock when you placed the order, but an item is missing, please reach out to us at with your order number, a photo of the packing slip from your package, and the name of the missing item, and we will investigate this for you.


There's a problem with my order


We're so sorry about this! Please contact us at with your order number and a description of the issue, along with a photo of the packing slip from your package, and we will take care of this as soon as we can.


I can't find my package

If you've received an email stating your package has been delivered, but your package isn't at your door, please check around the outside of your home (front/back porch, side/back door, garage area, bushes) as well as double-checking your mailbox to make sure it isn't wedged in the back or out of sight. Please also check in with your neighbors, roommates, doorman, or apartment mailroom/front desk if they may have received it for you.

If the package doesn't turn up within the next 24 hours, please contact the shipping carrier and file a claim. Once you have filed a claim, please give them 48 hours to look into it for you. If your package has not been located within two business days you may reach out to us at with your claim number and we will do what we can to help.


When are pre-orders charged?

All purchases made on our site, whether they are for in-stock items or pre-order items, are charged at the time of purchase.



US orders: When will my pre-order items ship?

All expected pre-order ship dates are listed on their product pages beneath the Select Size/Pre-Order button.

If you pre-ordered an item and it’s now showing as in stock, that means it just arrived at our warehouse and our team is working as fast as they can to pack and ship your orders. Pre-orders are sent out in the order in which they were received, and you can expect to receive a shipping notification as soon as your package is on the way.


International orders: When will my pre-order items ship?

Please be aware that all international orders including pre-order items will be held until complete and only shipped out once all items have been received at our warehouse. All expected ship dates for pre-order items are available on their product pages. Please look out for a shipping notification for your order once it’s complete!


Items sold out in pre-order

We do not make the entirety of our stock of any item available for pre-order, only limited quantities of each size. When pre-order items arrive at our warehouse we will have additional stock available that hasn't been pre-sold.

If an item you like is still on pre-order, but is showing as sold out in your size, please sign up for a Back In Stock Alert to be notified when those additional pieces arrive. Be sure to react quickly when you receive a Back In Stock Alert as inventory is still limited and high demand items may sell out entirely once the full production run arrives.


Pre-order item delays

Although we try our best to send out all pre-ordered items by or before the expected ship date listed at purchase, sometimes due to factors out of our control we may need to update an expected ship date to reflect a slight delay. 

It is our general policy to update customers via email if an item is to be delayed two or more weeks from the original ship date. If you haven't been contacted via email, and you can't recall the expected ship date for your items, please check the product page to find the most recent expected ship date. 


An Update From California

Our current order fulfillment and shipping timelines are experiencing slight delays due to COVID-19 safety protocols and a reduced capacity at our warehouse. Orders will be processed and shipped within 3-4 business days. We encourage selecting expedited shipping at checkout if you should need to receive your order by a specific date. We ship Monday through Friday, and all orders placed with expedited shipping are prioritized and sent out same day if received before 12pm PST on a weekday. 

Please note that our estimated shipping windows for pre-order styles are contingent on international government restrictions and limited availability of international transportation during this time. Pre-order shipping windows are subject to change based on continually shifting government regulations as well as international transportation availability. We are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to update each product page with the current expected ship date of all pre-order styles, so be sure to check there for the latest information and shipping timelines. 

Based on state and local guidelines announced on May 27th, we are happy to announce that our store location at the Brentwood Country Mart has reopened! For the wellbeing of our employees and customers, we have implemented strict safety protocols for our store personnel, and shoppers will be asked to follow certain safety measures (such as social distancing) as precautionary protections for both our store personnel and customers. As an alternative way to shop our store, we are also happy to now offer curbside pickup as well as virtual style appointments. Curbside pickup is available at the Brentwood Country Mart from 10am to 5pm PST Monday through Saturday, and 11am to 4pm PST on Sunday. Orders for in-store styles can be placed over the phone with our store personnel at 818.206.4471, and virtual style appointments can be booked via email. More information on curbside pickup can be found under Local Pickup on our FAQs.

As we monitor and navigate this rapidly changing situation, we will be sure to keep you up-to-date and informed as to any changes in our shipping timelines and estimates.  For any questions about orders, curbside pickup, shipping windows, and returns, please contact our Customer Care team at, (818) 691-0308, or toll free at (877) 756-7353. They are still working from home and available to answer calls, emails and messages during normal hours! Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through these adjustments.

Exchange policy

Due to our limited inventory we are currently unable to offer exchanges. If you would like a different item, size, or color, please return the original item for a refund and place a new order for the item you'd like. 


Domestic shipping

We try our best to ship all packages within 48 hours of receipt of the order from our Los Angeles warehouse location (excluding weekends and holidays). Order fulfillment and shipping timelines are currently experiencing slight delays due to COVID-19 safety protocols and a reduced capacity at our warehouse. Please allow up to 10 business days of additional processing time for orders placed with Ground Shipping or International Economy during and after sales, as well as during season launch periods. If you need to receive your order quickly, please select an expedited shipping option when checking out. All orders placed with expedited shipping will be prioritized and sent out same day if the order is received before 12pm PST Monday-Friday.
Shipping rates are calculated at checkout. Please add the items you'd like to your cart and then enter your shipping address at checkout to determine shipping cost. You do not have to provide any payment info in order to see the shipping cost. 
We currently offer free Ground Shipping for orders totaling $500 USD or more before tax. Once your cart passes this threshold Ground Shipping will show up automatically at checkout as an option at no cost. 
Please make sure that your order is shipping to a secure location. For any special/urgent requests, or to enquire about same-day messenger services in the LA area, please contact or call 818.691.0308 / 877.756.7353.
Please note the Dôen offices are closed on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving/Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve.  

We cannot ship to PO Boxes at this time.


Domestic return policy

Dôen is currently offering free returns for items in new and unworn condition with tags attached within 30 days of your receipt of shipment with the exception of items marked FINAL SALE. We do not offer exchanges. If you would like to exchange an item, please return the original item for a full refund (less original shipping cost) and place a new order. 

We also accept returns of your online purchase at our store. To return your purchase in-store, please take the item(s) you wish to return to our Brentwood Country Mart store location, along with your confirmation email and all other paperwork and packaging included with your order. 

Please note that per our new CDC-recommended safety protocols at our Distribution Center, returns may experience slight processing delays. After processing, your refund may take 7-10 business days to reflect in your account depending on your payment method. 

To complete a return, please follow the steps below: 

  • Fill out "Return Reason" on the packing slip included with your shipment. Please make sure this packing slip is included in your return shipment so we may identify your order. 
  • When your item is shipped to you, it will include a pre-printed return shipping label. Please attach this label to the original shipping packaging (or other packaging of your choice) and seal the package. 
  • Check your return label to confirm which shipping carrier you selected, then drop your package at that carrier's nearest location or dropbox. 
  • Within 7-10 business days of our receipt of your return, you will receive an email that your refund has been processed. Please note we may need additional time to process your return during high volume periods. If your return package shows as having been delivered but you haven't yet received a refund notification, we appreciate your patience in allowing us time to complete the return process. Your refund will be credited to the same form of payment used to make the original purchase. Refunds are for product only and do not include original shipping cost. Please allow 7-10 business days for your bank to post the refund to your account.
  • If you would like to return an item, but do not have the pre-printed return label from your package, please include your order number and reason for return in your package and contact Customer Care for the return address at or call 877.756.7353 Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm PST. 

For help or questions about a return please contact anytime.


International Shipping Policy

We try our best to ship all packages within 48 hours of receipt of the order from our Los Angeles warehouse location (excluding weekends and holidays). Your order will be shipped pending item availability and order volume. You can choose to pre-pay all duties and taxes at checkout so that the item goes straight to your door, or wait and pay them upon receipt of your package.

If you live in a country that charges duties and taxes, and you choose not to pre-pay them, please note that we will contact you via email to confirm that you accept the possibility of being charged customs. Please respond promptly to this email from us as we will be unable to ship your package to you until we receive your response. 

Free Economy Shipping is available for all international orders totaling $500 USD before taxes at checkout. Please note this only covers the shipping cost; any duties and taxes levied by your country remain the responsibility of the customer. 


International return policy

We offer returns for unworn items in new condition with original tags attached. We must receive your return within 30 days from the date you originally received your order. We cannot be responsible for return shipments that are lost in transit, so please make sure that you obtain tracking info for your return and insure your package appropriately.

Customer pays for and arranges all international return shipping. 

Dôen is unable to refund any duties and taxes paid. You can pursue a refund of duties with your local tax agencies. 

To complete a return, please follow the steps below: 

  • Fill out "Return Reason" on the packing slip included with your shipment. Please make sure this packing slip is included in your return shipment so we may identify your order. 
  • Contact Customer Care for the return address at or call 877.756.7353 Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm PST. 
  • Within 7-10 days of our receipt of your return, you will receive an email that your refund has been processed. Your refund will be credited to the same form of payment used to make the original purchase. Refunds are for product only and do not include original shipping cost. Please allow 7-10 business days for your bank to post the refund to your account.

For help or questions about a return please contact anytime.



Local Pickup

If you're in the LA area and you need an item immediately, we are currently offering in-store shopping as well as curbside pickup at our Brentwood Country Mart store location (225 26th St, Santa Monica, CA) from 10am to 6pm PST Monday through Saturday, and 11am to 5pm PST on Sunday. To place an order for curbside pickup, please give our store a call at 818.206.4471. Orders will be ready to be collected within a 1-hour window. If you have any pickup-related questions, the shop can be reached at 818.206.4471 or

Our store personnel is practicing all COVID-19 CDC-recommended safety measures, including donning gloves and face masks, while preparing your orders for pickup.   

For any questions about orders, curbside pickup, shipping windows, and returns, please contact our Customer Care team at, via phone call at (818) 691-0308, or toll-free at (877) 756-7353. Our Help section is also available for answers to frequently asked questions. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through these adjustments.

How our gift cards work

We offer both physical gift cards and digital gift cards. Our gift cards never expire.

Physical gift cards are sent to the shipping address used at checkout. If you'd like the physical gift card sent directly to the recipient, please enter their address as the shipping address.

Digital gift cards are sent upon purchase directly to the email address you used at checkout. From there you can simply forward the gift card email to the intended recipient, or if you’d like a physical copy, you can open it from the email, print it out, and give the paper to the recipient.


Refunds on gift card orders

We're happy to accept returns on orders where you paid fully or partially with a gift card. Please note that our payment processor automatically refunds payment first to the original form of payment, so if you paid with a gift card first, the funds will go back to your gift card first, then to your credit card once the gift card is filled back up with the original amount of funds. The gift card you used for your order can be re-used on a future order. Please reach out to us at if you need the original gift card re-sent to you. 

If you've ordered multiple items and you’d like funds returned to a credit card first when refunding, please email us beforehand at to let us know, and note that you'd like your refund processed that way on the packing slip as well when you send us your return.

Please note that if you return the entire order that funds will still go back onto the gift card as we are unable to offer cash refunds for gift card purchases. 


Contact us

For customer service, product, order, or shipping-related inquiries, please contact We do our best to respond to all product and order-related inquiries within 48 business hours, and we appreciate your patience with us during higher volume times like season launches and sales.

Customer service can be reached by phone at 818.691.0308 or 877.756.7353 (toll free). Our customer service phone hours are Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm PST. 

For questions about our store location at the Brentwood Country Mart (225 26th St, Santa Monica, CA), please call 818.206.4471 during their regular business hours Monday - Saturday from 10am to 6pm, Sundays 11am to 5pm, or email

For brand-related inquiries, please contact

For press or PR, please contact or

For questions related to our events or pop-ups, please contact

To receive digital flats of our product on a white background, please contact


Accessibility Statement

Dôen strives to provide customers and other individuals with disabilities with equal access to its products and services, including through an accessible website. If you have questions, comments, or encounter any difficulty in using this site, please e-mail us at or call 818.691.0308.



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